I’m baaaack!

Where to begin? No blog-worthy events have occurred for weeks, but finally a few mildly humorous (as opposed to humerus, the long bone of the upper arm that I have not yet broken, praise God) situations have happened. I have acquired a constellation of symptoms that include overwhelming tiredness not associated with any type ofContinue reading “I’m baaaack!”

Sam Razook Family Motto

Covid-related lifestyle confinements are still limiting newsworthy/blogworthy events (local, not national) to essentially zero. Time to draw from anecdotes of yore. All families have favorite stories that have been retold from time to time, gaining embellishments in the telling. I’m great at embellishments. An inordinate proportion of our family stories were based on adventures/misadventures thatContinue reading “Sam Razook Family Motto”

Tackling Chores

Encouraged by the success of changing a battery (that doesn’t sound so great when put that way), I tackled a few additional tasks. One might scoff at calling changing a light-bulb a challenge, but times and light-bulbs have gotten more complex. Even a basic change compounded by the need for a ladder can present itsContinue reading “Tackling Chores”