Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

There are innumerable ways to divide humans into two groups. Of course, there are shades of gray in between, one type blending imperceptibly into the other. But for my purposes, examples will be given in either/or choices. There are introverts and extroverts, morning people and night people, tongue rollers and those unable to roll theirContinue reading “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.”

Electricity and I. Me? Myself?

Sidebar: At “getting my arms around” and doing a “deep dive” (MBA speak) into grammar, I note that the word “me” has fallen almost completely out of favor. Possibly this is due to grade school trauma of using “me” or “I” incorrectly and being harshly reprimanded for that error. Now the word “myself” has comeContinue reading “Electricity and I. Me? Myself?”

Sam Razook Family Motto

Covid-related lifestyle confinements are still limiting newsworthy/blogworthy events (local, not national) to essentially zero. Time to draw from anecdotes of yore. All families have favorite stories that have been retold from time to time, gaining embellishments in the telling. I’m great at embellishments. An inordinate proportion of our family stories were based on adventures/misadventures thatContinue reading “Sam Razook Family Motto”

O, Christmas tree(s)

Bringing an evergreen tree into the home (I guess deciduous trees would get pretty messy) and decorating it festively has been a Christmas tradition for centuries. Cars with trees tied to their roofs appear on neighborhood streets soon after Thanksgiving. Vacant lots are transformed into tree-selling businesses. Hardware and gardening stores add tree sections toContinue reading “O, Christmas tree(s)”

Masked Marauders

Everyone has something to say about masks. Why should I be any different? I shall begin by relating some of my (unique?) experiences with these encumbrances. I have no pulmonary problems that I am aware of, but when wearing a relatively soft mask, its sides collapse in and out with my every breath. This resemblesContinue reading “Masked Marauders”

Tackling Chores

Encouraged by the success of changing a battery (that doesn’t sound so great when put that way), I tackled a few additional tasks. One might scoff at calling changing a light-bulb a challenge, but times and light-bulbs have gotten more complex. Even a basic change compounded by the need for a ladder can present itsContinue reading “Tackling Chores”