The Duomo at night Three generations of ladies (matriarch Sally, daughter Samantha, granddaughters Eleanor and Olivia) were looking forward with great anticipation to our girls’ trip to Italy. Just getting the documents required for the trip had been challenging; passport, proof of Covid immunization, proof of negative Covid test resulted within 48 or 72 hoursContinue reading “Buongiourno!”

Accountants and Superpowers

Above: Spider Man’s view of Brooklyn This might or might not seem a logical pairing, but I can explain. A previous blog described my abject terror of accountants (chrometophobia, alternate spelling chrematophobia), and another blog talked about my particular super power (sense of smell). The movie industry has profited greatly by exploiting Americans’ fascination byContinue reading “Accountants and Superpowers”

Brooklyn Trip, Part 2

Brooklyn Heights Tour Group: Samantha, Eleanor, Tour Guide, Dave, Dryden (small photo clarification–Dave is taller than Dryden, I am taller than tour guide but shorter than Eleanor. How can that have happened? I am the shortest in the family. Yikes) There are just a few more things to say about my Steam Punk hotel room.Continue reading “Brooklyn Trip, Part 2”

As I Was Saying…

I don’t think I’ve written two sequential blogs on the same topic before, but time for writing them has dwindled. Lack of hours, lack of interesting topics, have been rate-limiting factors. Posting every two weeks has not been a strain until this month. Yet now I have additional responsibilities–I have been released from COVID jail!Continue reading “As I Was Saying…”

Any Port in a Storm

I’m an avid collector of American sayings. As to their origins, I demand neither truth nor accuracy. It’s the thought that counts. And, if several sayings are based on a single premise, so much the better. I must admit my captive audience must be of a certain age to appreciate the origin of these idiomaticContinue reading “Any Port in a Storm”


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