Becoming Unbalanced

Son Dryden is a steadying influence, photo below: In public elementary school, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, my classmates and I underwent quick, painless screenings for visual acuity and “lazy eye.” Also referred to as “squint,” or “amblyopia,” or somewhat harshly, “cross-eye”. In my case there was an extremely small degree of amblyopia, undetected byContinue reading “Becoming Unbalanced”

The Monster in My Basement

Peeling off yet another layer of tasks I’m unable to perform (at this time) reveals problems more sophisticated than those that can be handled with a hammer and pair of pliers. Sidebar:Although having to a toilet in which the water either runs continuously or spasmodically doesn’t fall into a ‘sophisticated’ category, it must still beContinue reading “The Monster in My Basement”

A Bittersweet Memory

I can finally look back over the two-year period from the time Sam first experienced symptoms of a malignant brain tumor until it caused his death, without my spiraling into a big fat mess. The tumor was initially located in his right parietal lobe, an area that seemed to have very few responsibilities in hisContinue reading “A Bittersweet Memory”

Walking Adventures

My place of supervised exercise has finally reopened, having met all Covid-related requirements. My hard-won fitness has faded exponentially (reverse exponentially?). To add insult to injury (ha), a compression fracture of a vertebral body coupled with Mother Nature’s insidious treachery, has led to my loss of two inches in height. None of my friends believesContinue reading “Walking Adventures”

Professionals and Other Helpers

I own two large machines intended for yard tasks; one is a very powerful blower, that, when strapped to the operator’s back and aimed appropriately, can blow a large dog or small person into the next county. The other is an equally powerful pressure washer (why did we get the supersize of these things?) thatContinue reading “Professionals and Other Helpers”

Tackling Chores

Encouraged by the success of changing a battery (that doesn’t sound so great when put that way), I tackled a few additional tasks. One might scoff at calling changing a light-bulb a challenge, but times and light-bulbs have gotten more complex. Even a basic change compounded by the need for a ladder can present itsContinue reading “Tackling Chores”