Accountants and Superpowers

Above: Spider Man’s view of Brooklyn

This might or might not seem a logical pairing, but I can explain. A previous blog described my abject terror of accountants (chrometophobia, alternate spelling chrematophobia), and another blog talked about my particular super power (sense of smell). The movie industry has profited greatly by exploiting Americans’ fascination by many types of super human powers; mine is not so impressive in comparison to Spider Man or whoever else. But I digress.

My fear of accountants has abated quite a bit. In the months immediately following Sam’s death, I was called upon to produce various documents, all of great importance. I had tremendous difficulty doing this. My feelings of inadequacy and accompanying stress levels soared. Yikes, yikes, triple yikes. My daughter came to Atlanta to help, and in a couple of days had documents organized, scanned and placed in appropriately labelled folders for easy retrieval. So, when Dan, my accountant, called, I didn’t slip into cardiac arrest.

As for super powers, I’ve learned that accountants have a very special power. Who knew? This became obvious when I dutifully paid Georgia State Taxes with a voucher supplied by my now much-admired accountant. I wrote a check for the amount he had calculated and mailed it in, early, for extra credit. In about two to three weeks, the Georgia tax people wrote back and said I owed $900 more dollars. What? Were they joking? Unlikely. I telephoned Dan immediately, and, in a slightly tremulous voice, requested his assistance. He theorized, correctly, of course, that I had not been given credit for a prepayment of a tax bill from some earlier time(?). He would straighten this out. He advised me to be patient, as tax people don’t move quickly.

I had prepaid something. Why would I do that? But, sure enough, I eventually received a letter from the Georgia State Tax something that they had located the earlier over-payment and applied it to something and put the rest somewhere else. They never said they were sorry, BTW. I looked at my remaining Georgia tax vouchers and determined that the sum of all of them didn’t reach the credit amount they had put somewhere else.

So, I typed a very articulate letter to Dan, explaining my position on these financial machinations. He called with a fairly long-winded explanation of the sequence of events that lead to the current situation. Then he optimistically asked if I understood. If we had been meeting in person he would have noticed my eyes had rolled back in my head after his first few sentences. Similar to my reaction when someone attempts to give me directions to a specific place and includes terms as “north” and “south.”

But during his explanation it dawned on me that he could time travel! Was he even aware of his power? Absolutely amazing. He talked about numbers from 2019 to 2020, even included 2021 a couple of times. He could work with equal accuracy in any year. What an incredible skill. Similar to something taught in Harry Potter school. I don’t recall seeing an owl in his office on my last visit, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

I shall pray for wisdom for all accountants and the employees in tax departments everywhere. And for the good health of all, and safe living conditions for those in danger from fires and flooding. That’s a lot of praying. I’d best get to it.

PS: Per previous blog, I’ve rented an apartment in Brooklyn for a year. That should provide one adventure after the next, some interesting enough for several blogs. But beyond exciting is a trip to Northern Italy, Covid permitting, the last week of this month. Ladies only; me, daughter Samantha, granddaughters Eleanor and Olivia. We are prepared to gain entry to that country with all necessary and appropriately timed documents. The question looms, once we arrive there, enjoy our trip to the max, will we be able to get back into the United States? Will my next blogs be from Milan? Yikes.

2 thoughts on “Accountants and Superpowers

  1. Hi Sally, Great Blog. Accountants can be very scary. So are heights. Where is your new apartment in Brooklyn?

    XO Maria >


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