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Going it alone

In 2014 I began a blog to describe my adventures entering retirement (retirementmadness.wordpress.com). I began posting weekly updates; that quickly used up all retirement-related topics and I ground to halt after about 34 weeks. Years passed and I’ve begun a new chapter in life. My husband of 44 years died after a long, brave struggle with a malignant brain tumor. Now I am going it alone, as are many singles, divorcees, widows and widowers. I hope that my adventures will be something many can relate to, I hope they are funny and bring readers a good chuckle. That is my goal.

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What Time Is It?

Time is a simple, well understood concept we are all familiar with; we get places on time, we watch TV shows at their listed times, athletes compete in certain sporting events that are won by a participant with the shortest time. Easy enough. In stark contrast, time is also a field of scientific study thatContinue reading “What Time Is It?”

A Covid (Delta, Omicron variants, whatever) Christmas

Dryden, Sally (with Millie), Dave My preceding blog left off as I welcomed two Covid-positive (unbeknownst to them) New Yorkers for a Christmas visit. Soon after their arrival, they drove from my house to the Southeastern Doodle Breeders kennels and returned with the most adorable mini Bernadoodle in existence. At age 12 weeks she weighedContinue reading “A Covid (Delta, Omicron variants, whatever) Christmas”

Another New York Adventure

Making friends in NYC! During my five-day Thanksgiving visit to Brooklyn there was plenty of time for me to investigate goings-on in the city. Most New Yorkers are notoriously strapped for space in their apartments, and gifts of lessons, tickets to entertainment venues, activity classes, etc have supplanted the more traditional toaster. I’d heard ofContinue reading “Another New York Adventure”

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